Full band Setup


I just recently purchased the F1 System (812 Speaker and Subwoofer).  

My plan for this system is to run a full band through it via 14 channel mixer.  And I would also be connecting a laptop/iPad for canned music.

In the instruction book, it gives multiple examples on how to setup the system for a full band but doesn’t give an example for a single 812 speaker and subwoofer setup.  

I would gladly welcome any suggestions on how to setup this up to get the best sound!  

P.s I do plan on buying another set... the wallet just needs to rest for a bit... ??

Thanks for reading!

I also only have one set. I think an entire band sound coming out of one speaker is not going to sound natural unless you are talking about a really small room, Looking forward to hearing other’s thoughts on this.

Huuum... It should have been better you get first 2 x 812 (the low frequencies are quite good, especially when you play indoor), and then invest in the Subwoofers to get the entire Sub for your music.

What are you using for stage monitors for the band? What size room will you be playing in?  Will the drums be miked?  These and other factors will determine how your band will sound with the configuration you have.

I agree, return the F1 bass and get another 812, this is what I use , along with a L1M2 for stage monitor