Future source of information for fiirmware and app updates?

Now it has been announced that the Bose Community is closing - where will it be possible to find out when new firmware and app updates for my Bose Soundbar 700 and Bose Portable Smart Speaker?


I have heavily relied upon posts from  at the top of this forum. Any ideas on how this service can be continued?



I'm glad to hear you found these helpful, !
As XYZ noted, release notes for firmware and software updates will be available for products on the bose.com support site. Once you have selected your product, navigate to How To's > Software > Software and Firmware versions.
We're always looking to make improvements to the website, so the location may change in the future, but these will always be available from the site. I hope this helps!

Last night I received firmware update 12.0.14 for the Soundbar 700, however I could not find any changelog on the support site. 

 : What are the changes compared to 11.0.16 ?

I did find the release notes over here: https://www.bose.com.au/en_au/support/articles/HC2300/productCodes/bose_soundbar_700/article.html


It's a real shame that Bose is closing this forum. It really lowers the service level.


Thanks for sharing the link.


Version 12.0.14

  • Improves performance with Spotify HiFi streams
  • General bug fixes