Gain slider on remote app goes down to -60db but still passes sound

Hi Guys

As the title says the remote app takes the volume down to -60db bit sound still passes. if i slide the gain block all the way to the bottom within CSD itself it goes to -8 which is what i would like to achieve within the remote app

Ive set a lot of these up and have never noticed this before. all firmware and software is running o the latest versions





Thanks Arno. Much appreciated 

Thanks, I tested at Bose HR and my iPad CR remote runs down to -60 so a very very low audio will pass through


Hello Sean,

Thank you for contacting us.
The default minimum slider settings in CSR (2.7/2.8) is -60 dB, which will not set the slider to infinity. 
You can change this value to -60.5 dB which will set the slider to infinity.

I've added this to the back log to make the -60.5 dB the default value.