Hard Reset QC35 II

Hello, I wish hard reset QC35 II
I followed your instructions found on site support:
1-Turn off your headphones or headphones and wait 30 seconds.
2-Connect your headphones or headphones to a USB power supply via USB cable and wait 5 seconds. (The power supply must be plugged into a live AC outlet)
3-Disconnect the USB cable from the headphones or earphones and wait 1 minute.
4-Put the headset or earphones back on and check that everything is working properly.


But I do not feel that my headset is fully reset ...
Let me explain : when I received my new QC35 II it was by default on the English language and the left button (L) was not configured with the ANC function, there was also no device connected with the headphone..I configured the language and function of the left button (L) on ANC function with the Bose Connect app


However, when I am the follow steps to reset QC35 II, the language initially choose is always present (French), the left button (L) and always configured on the ANC function, and it automatically connects to my phone and the name initially configured of my QC35II initially configured is the always same .. ?!?!

I do not think that by following this procedure I make a complete hard reset of the QC35II ...
Is it normal? Is there any key combination for HARD RESET 100% totally headphones ?
best regards

Hi Bryce974,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community!


I’ll be more than happy to assist you with your query regarding the hard reset of your QC35 II’s.


I can confirm that the way you are performing the reset is correct. It may be that requires a bit of practice to get it correct. It is a very fiddly reset!


Is there an issue with your product in which you wanted to reset? If so, let us know. We’d love to help!




Jessie O – Community Support

Three weeks and no answer? I have the exact same question. How is this any different than turning it off, plugging it in to recharge, and disconnecting some hours later?

More than a month and still no answer. I have the same issue, i even had my clock on sight and took 30 sec, then 5 sec and then 1 min. NO POSITIVE RESULTS. Please, can someone from Bose give an answer?

I totally agree. I am waiting for an explanation as well. 

Same. Simply don't work. 

Same here too

I am chiming in as well.

Is there nobody to reply to a simple question regarding an expensive product???

it is a shame. I was so far happy with my BOSE, but now I started to look for alternatives. 

I have a beeping/volume-down issue which is driving me crazy and I am hoping a correct hard reset could possibly solve it.

I am also unable to reset it, despite literally using a stopwatch (on my phone). The reset process simply does not work as stated.

Did this issue ever get resolved? I seem to have the same problems with calls. 

Is here anyone from Bose to answer this? I want to reset but I have exactly same questions about this fiddling with seconds? Is this serious at all? And how do you know if it was reset?  What a joke really.

High end product? 


did you ever find out a solution to the beeping and volume control?  


I am having the same problem with the beeping and the volume control.  At one point everything is fine and the next moment the volume turns it self up to full and its starts to beep.  What the heck is going?  It is frustrating and I am disappointed to say the least.   

Wow, this is super interesting. The Bose Hard Reset QC35 II definitely does not work. I've tried it multiple times... with a Bose tech support person on the phone.


My headphones are a brick now since the mic stopped working after an update (on calls only... works fine with google assistant). This is total BS and not what I expected from Bose.

I’m so disappointed with Bose on this matter. The Bluetooth light on my headphones won’t turn off, and it causes the battery to drain very quickly. I tried resetting it multiple times and the reset doesn’t work. What’s going on Bose?

The difference from an ordinary charging is you only leave it plugged in for about 5 seconds.  If you leave it longer, it will not do the reset.

Have exactly the same issue.

In case someone also has this problem with "ambient noise sound" like kvanderwyk, here is a possible solution that helped me:
Windows sees the Bose QCs as two separate output devices, headset and headphones. For some reason Windows likes to change the output device to "headset" when applications like Teams e.g. are used, probably to mute the users own microphone or something. Headset means worse sound quality and makes listening to music unpleasant. Make sure your sound output device is set as "Headphones (Bose QC35 II Stereo)" for better sound quality. So this time it's a Windows "feature" and there is nothing wrong with your BOSEs.


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Ok so I think I found an alternative way of resetting the headset. So what I think is happening (I could be completely wrong) is the headset thinks it's at one volume level while the phone is at a different level. ( My headset wouldn't go all the way to zero and it would go one above my Max volume) anyways use the included aux cable and plug it in like you would a wired headset. I had my headset turned off and listened through aux for a little bit then turned on the headset to start the noise cancelation and then proceeded to unplug my aux. This seemed to sync the two devices. Anyways hope this helps someone. I was about to return my headset thinking it was faulty. 


This is one buggy system but I'm absolutely in love with the product and the company. Hoping in a new update you all can find a way of stabilizing the system!