Help with speaker placement

Hello!  Sorry if this is a redundant question, but everyone’s situation seems to be different. I am trying to figure out how high my Bose Surround 700 speakers should be. I live in a condo and cannot put speakers in my wall. I have vaulted ceilings so I do not want to mount on ceiling. I already have the Omni-jewel stands, but I will soon be getting a new sofa that has a much higher back than the one in the attached picture. I will be buying a couple thick acrylic risers to put the Omni-jewel stands on top of, thus raising the height of my speakers so they aren’t facing into the back of my new sectional when it arrives. My question is, how high above the back of my new sectional should I aim to place the speakers?  Or does it not matter so much?  Right now, I’m looking at 10” acrylic risers which would raise the stand to where the physical bottom of the speaker would be roughly about 3-4” above the back of the sofa, but the risers come in different inch heights. What do you think?  Thanks in advance!


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When setting up your surround speakers, you don't have to worry too much about placement, as the ADAPTiQ process will take into account their location and adjust the EQ and levels to give you the best possible sound in your listening locations. However, with the height of the speakers, I would tend to recommend having them as close to ear height as possible in your listening locations. So if they are going to be sitting on risers on the back of the sofa, then try and get them so they are about in line wiht your ears when you are sat down on the sofa. 


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