How can I stop severe clipping with my L1 Model 1S and B2?

Hi all


I have used an L1 model 1S for almost 2 years now, with T4S mixer and historically, a B1 bass module. I never had any issues when using the B1.


I recently however swapped my B1 for a B2, and now I’m really struggling with increasing the volume beyond a certain point at gigs.


For context, I use a Shure Beta 58A microphone for vocals, a Gibson J45 acoustic (tuned a step down), and a Roland SPD:One stomp box as a kick. I play a very lively upbeat acoustic set and 99% of the venues I play like it to be… loud. The reason I upgraded to the B2 was because the B1 wasn’t giving me enough punch with the stomp.


I’ve already had to EQ the low frequency right down on my vocal and guitar channels since getting the B2 as it’s far too powerful (particularly for the guitar being tuned down), but I’m concerned/quite sure that it is something related to this which is causing my issues.


the sound just seems to completely clip and distort when I come to even a moderately loud volume at the moment. I know it is capable of being far louder.


is it possible to bypass the sub completely on both the vocal and guitar channels, to only engage it for my stomp box? I think this would possibly largely reduce the issue. Alternatively is there a way on the T4S to reduce the crossover frequency so that the B2 isn’t being used as much as a low end driver with the guitar?


Help would be greatly appreciated. I’m really battling my system every gig at the moment, and often considering whether or not I need to swap out.


many thanks





Hello J Riley,


Sorry to hear you're having a problem with your system.  Have you tried the different positions of the Bass Level switch on the rear of the B2?  (I'll assume you have, but I had to ask.)  Is there a noticeable difference when you change the switch positions?


The internal crossover in the Model IS (and Model II) is fixed at 200Hz, so basically any fundamental frequency from the G string down will be going to the B2.  EQing the guitar's low end down should help; I don't think you'll need to EQ your vocal channel down as much.  The stomp box would be solidly in that range.


"Clipping" is a term that applies to the input to an amplifier, rather than output.  If you've properly gain staged the inputs to your T4s so they're mostly green and not consistently red, you shouldn't be introducing any clipped signals.


If it seems like the output is distorted, you may just be reaching the limit of what the B2 can deliver alone.  It delivers 125 watts to the tower section, and 250 watts to the bass jack, but the high frequencies will carry farther than the bass.  Unfortunately, the Model 1S does not have a "Bass Line Out" (like the Model II does) to expand your options.


The only other option I can think of would be to pan your vocals right (to the L1), pan your guitar center, and your stomp box left, and connect your T4s left output to a separate bass amp.


Does that help?