How can I tell Bose L1 Towers apart? Classic or Model 1?

Hi, I have two sets of Bose L1 Tower speakers for sale because, surprise surprise, the base units won't power on any more.  Both sets of towers are marked L1 but now since neither of the base units work I don't remember which towers went with the 'Classic' model and which ones went with the 'Model 1' unit.  Does anyone know how to tell the difference?  One has large yellow lettering that says "l1' and the other has just white smaller lettering that says 'L1'. Thanks for any help you may be able to provide... Bose sure made these units confusing!



the arrays will have MODEL 1 on them.  The Classic power stand has the inputs/outputs for the 3 internal amplifiers


To add to it, I have a third set of these tower speakers that have an orange L1.  So thats one set with yellow L1, one set with orange L1, and one set that just has white lettering that says "cylindrical radiator  loudspeaker Model 1" on them.  Trying to determine which base unit goes with each set of tower speakers... thanks!!

Thanks for the reply!  I'm confused by the answer though ;).  I added a little more info in the last post!  Thanks so much for your help!

And is the PS1 the same as the 'Classic' L1?  Whew, thanks!

Ok, after doing some searching around I found this link:  it may help others who have similar questions as it has a ton of info on the compatibility of the different models (or lack thereof) and how to tell them apart.  I still don't understand how one set of mine has yellow L1 markings on it.  All I can guess is that it used to be orange and just faded to yellow?®_Classic#L1_Model_I_Orange_Markings