How do i connect to bose l1 speakers with my phone/laptop as i dont have any other mixer

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Hello VC29,


There are several different L1 systems, and it would help to know which model(s) you have in order to provide an exact answer.  If you can't tell or or are not sure, here's a web page that explains how to identify your system.


I would highly recommend getting a mixer.  While I recommend the Bose mixers, most any low-priced small format mixer will work, and will greatly simplify any connection scenario you might run into.


Generally speaking, you'll need one of the following (depending on which L1 you have and the connection method you prefer):


  • Bluetooth.  The new L1 Pro series (8, 16, or 32) have Bluetooth receivers built-in.  You can also purchase Bluetooth receivers that can connect to one of the other systems via one of the cable methods listed below.


  • A Y-cable from your phone or laptop's headphone out jack.

If you have an L1 Compact, you can use a 1/8" TRS to two RCA plugs cable, like this:

Dual RCA to Eighth Inch TRS.jpg

Connect it to the two RCA jacks on channel 2 of the L1 Compact.


If you have an L1 Classic, Model 1, or L1 Pro series, you can use a 1/8" to two 1/4" TS phone plugs cable, like this:

Dual Quarter Inch TS to Eighth Inch TRS.jpg

Run the two 1/4" plugs (the left and right stereo signals) into two channels of your L1.  ( I recommend channels 1 and 2, so you can take advantage of their ToneMatch presets.


If you're using an L1 Model II or 1s, you need another device and/or cable.  Your phone/laptop's headphone jack is stereo left and right, while the L1's input is balanced and -.  You need a device to convert the signal, such as RapcoHorizon's LTIBLOX.  Plug its cable into your phone/laptop, then connect it your your L1's 1/4" input using an XLR-F to 1/4" TRS cable like this:

XLR-F to Quarter Inch TRS.jpg

(This method will work with any of the L1 systems, and just about anything else as well!)  However, you'll have to do your EQ and tone control from the phone or laptop.


  • a USB audio interface (if you're using a laptop).  Peavey makes a nice little box to convert USB to pro audio, the USB-P.  Connect it to your laptop via a USB cable, and connect it to your L1 using one (or two) XLR-F to 1/4" TRS cables.  This device has a switch so you can run mono to one system or stereo to two.

Does that help?