How much sound can the LII put out?

Dear Bose, I have the T1, an L1 Mod 2 w/2 bass units. I run my acoustic guitar, two mics and my Alesis Q8.1 keyboard through it. I’ve only had the system for a couple of months and I’m preparing to start gigging… Here is my question/concern… some of my MIDI track that drive my keyboard put out heavy drums and bass. Although I don’t play at heavy volume (everything is about at half of max settings), I’m concerned that I could damage my system. How much should I be concerned with this? Sometimes is sounds a little bit like the sound is breaking up, but it could also be other items in the house vibrating. Thoughts? Comments? Thanks. FrankieG.

Hi Frankie,

You should not be concerned about hurting the Bose system with your Midi tracks.

And you should not hear “breakup”, meaning the kind of distortion that sounds like something tearing, or breaking.

I would turn the master volume on the T1 down and listen again to see if the distortion you think you might be hearing persists. If it does, then it “upstream” of the T1.

The Model II as you’ve discovered can get very loud and things in your house will vibrate at these levels.

Let me know what you find.

With best regards,


Hey Frankie - I as many others on this forum are doing the same as you. Outside of throwing the L1 off a bridge I can’t see where you can overload it with your tracks. I have played for 300 to 600 crowds, the master on 3:00 and it still has more to give. Just make sure all of your gain staging is right. NO RED LIGHTS. Good Luck - Roy

Update on my findings… It was items in my house that were causing the break up. In addition, I have used my unit now several times at high volume and everything has worked perfectly. I do love the system… Frankie G.

Very happy to read that FrankieG!

It was items in my house that were causing the break up

As you have found out.
The L1 is very capable of shaking up the house. When I fist got mine, my wife said, "Sure its loud in the house, what about at a gig"?

I've lost count of the number of gigs, but she no longer questions the system and it's ability for clean solid sound. It is just awesome.

Yep, it is a great system. I have noticed that the sound falls off at about 75 ft or so when I play outside, but that is not necessarily a bad thing… Thanks for responding… Frankie G