How to connect a Bose Wave 3 with CD Changer to Echo and Google Nest

I have a Bose Wave 3 with a CD changer, is there a way I can play the CD's over an Amazon Echo or Google Nest or even a non-Bose Bluetooth speaker? I have tried several Bluetooth transmitters/receivers and have sent them all back to Amazon as they do not work.



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Regarding your query, you're looking to output your CD audio to another speaker via Bluetooth? This would not be possible as the transmitter connection will likely require AUX as the source, not CD. Therefore, when playing the CD source the AUX source and the transmitter isn't active, so cannot transmit your CD audio that is playing. I hope this helps!


Let me know if I've misunderstood you, or if you have any other queries!

Thank you Sam, is there a way to connect the CD changer to a Bluetooth speaker? We'd like to listen to our CD's in two separate rooms.

Thanks for coming back to us!


There isn't a way to connect the CD changer to a Bluetooth speaker.


I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.