How to connect Iphone to T1 Tonematch


Can anyone here please teach me how to set up the Iphone to T1 ToneMatch?


I have a Bose L1 Model 2 with T1 Tonematch. I plugged the Iphone into the Tonematch on channel 2 even  with a 1/4 TRS cable (see picture below with silver cable). I tried to plug the microphone on Channel 1, it worked perfect

I turned on the music on my Iphone then no green light above the Trim and no sound output.Did I miss anything?


Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!





Hello AndyDang,


EDIT:  I just saw the picture.  The jack your are plugging into is a preamp output jack, not an input.  The inputs jacks 1-3 are combination XLR-1/4" jacks, while 4/5 are 1/4" only.


If you are using a single 1/8" TRS plug to single 1/4" TRS plug like this:

Quarter Inch TRS to Eighth Inch TRS NO.jpg

it won't work with a ToneMatch mixer.  Your iPhone sends a stereo left and right signal from the 1/8" headphone jack.  While the T1 accepts 1/4" TRS or TS jacks, it expects a balanced audio  and - signal, not a stereo left and right signal.  Ideally, you should use a 1/8" TRS plug to two 1/4" TS plugs (as pictured below) into the two Channel 4/5 jacks on a T1 (or into two separate channels for a T4s or T8s.)  The T1's Channel 4/5 is really just one channel with two jacks, and works well for combining two signals, such as the left and right stereo signals.

Dual Quarter Inch TS to Eighth Inch TRS.jpg


There's even more detail the in the Bose Portable PA Encylopedia at this link.


Does that help?

Sorry, I confused you.

May I explain what I did:

I connected my Apple I-phone 8 with 1/4 TRS cable is plugged into the T1 tonematch on channel 2. I turned on the music on the Iphone but no sound ( no green light on of the trim)

I used this type of cable 1/4 TRS to plug into the T1 Tonematch on channel

Hello again AndyDang,


Sorry, the cable you pictured won't work.  You'll need to get a "Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter" for your phone, and then use the Y-cable I described in my last post.  Note: 1/8" (English) and 3.5mm (metric) are the same size connectors.


Does that help?



Greatly appreciated.




What if I used the 1/4 TRS cable to connect to the channel 2?

Just want to learn more about the system.

May I ask: Why I can't connect the Iphone with the 1/4 TRS cable (see picture below) to the preamp output jack (channel 2) ?...Can I use the preamp output (channel 2 or 3) for my Mp3?

Hey Andy,

You currently have your iPhone connected to the channel 2 pre-amp output - if you want to have audio from your phone going into the T1, you would need to connect your phone to one of the T1's input channels.

Hope this helps! 

Greatly appreciated, Dylan