How to connect non bluetooth device on soundbar 700?

Well i bought my bose soubdbar 700 few months back and its working good except one thing. Well i've some media device which it quite old but working good and doesnt have any bluetootge or oprical out put. So is anyone tell me that is it possible to connect on my soundbar 700 with any wire?


Thanks in advance.

Hey Shamsul,


Thank you for reaching out - I hope you're enjoying your Soundbar 700!


The Bose Music app is the best way to stream your favorite music to your system, using the range of services available. If your older media device doesn't have Bluetooth, you may have to get hold of a Bluetooth transmitter and connect this, to have it appear as a device to be connected to. Have you looked into this?


In regard to wired options, you could use a converter to change the output from your media device to match the soundbar optical port. This isn't recommended practice as we cannot account for audio quality when using a converter, but it could be an option. Give this a search through third-party retailers and come back to us if you have any queries or questions!


Hi Sam.

Thanks for reply. Well i know i can use bluetooth transmitter but i dont want use it. I want to know is there any wired connection with soundbar that i csn use my old media device rather than bluetooth.

And could u plz explain me this connections above picture.

Thanks again


, Optical, HDMI and Bluetooth are the only way to connect an audio device with your soundbar. An adaptor would be needed for anything else. The handy guide here explains all about the ports on the system and how they work. 


Let me know if you have any other questions.