How to connect tow bose s1 pro to laptop or pc?

hello I cant find a way to connect my tow bose s1 pro to my laptop , there is no bose connect app like the one for phones .. any ideas? using bluetooth i can only connect to one of them


I'm also looking for the easiest possible way to do this (I've two Bose S1 Pro's). Where can I find a download of the Bose Connect App for Windows 10? 

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Urs Bucher




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Hi muaz & bucher,

Thank you both for joining us, welcome to the forum!

The Bose Connect app is not available to download for MacOS/Windows, and can only be installed on a mobile device. You can connect your computer to one S1 Pro system via Bluetooth, but a stereo setup can not be achieved wirelessly - you would need to use audio cables for this.

I have made a request to Bose's engineering and development team, asking for the Bose Connect app to be made available on MacOS/Windows to support Bluetooth stereo pairing functionality.

will first need to enter Party mode. That is how I always fo and it helpes me. BTW now I am looking where to buy powerpoint presentation  as I am working  a lot and dont have time for my study 

My bose s1 stopped working on laptop with recent windows update----i have spent hours with  microsoft to no avail---can you recommend where to find updated driver???



Hi lisa!

Please see my response on this thread.