How to connect two soundwear speakers to a single Samsung TV

Im trying to connect two companion speakers to a single Samsung TV. Whenever i link to one of them the second one will automatically disconect. If I try to put them in party mode, the device wont work, even so they are bluetooth speakers they wont behave as other bose devices. 


Can i upgrade the firmware to a certain version that would let me do this?! Is there an external bluetooth adapter that could split the bluetooth in two so i connect each soundwear to a different signal?!



Hello Amorelos and welcome to the Community! I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the SoundWear Companion speaker. 
These speakers aren't used for party mode like our Soundlink speakers. SoundWear uses standard Bluetooth pairing, a point-to-point connection between a device and a speaker. Which is why you are seeing the second speaker disconnect as soon as you connect the first one. 

I hope this helps. 

As mentioned above the Soundwear Companions don't have the music sharing capablility.


So in this case it depends on the source.  Your TV only has 1 BT transmitter, so will only connect to one device at a time.


I haven't tried them, but you may be able to find a BT transmitter to plug into the TV (probably the headphone socket) that has 2x transmitters.