How to Reset the Network Address of CC-64

One dealer has wrongly changed the Network address to
And the devices accepted that even though it was wrong.
We could reset the address of ESP-88 via serial protocol (RS232). But there was nothing to do with the CC-64. Is there something like a reset button in the circuit of CC-64?

Have you tried changing your PC’s IP to the same range(255.255.255.XXX), and then change the IP on CC64 via CSP designer?

Sorry… 255 in a IP range on a windows PC isn’t possible for some reason.

Hi Rob,

The CC-64 has already been returned to the service center, but they couldn’t do anything either because they didn’t have the circuit of CC-64 and they didn’t know how to have it re-programmed. So it seems the only way to do is return it to the US.

Can we have the electrical circuit of CC-64? Or we need something else besides the circuit to have it re-programmed?

And a little suggestion, can we set something in the ControlSpace Designer to prevent problems like this? Like, if people set the Network Address to, the CSD will automatically reject it or tell people the address is wrong.

Thank you!

Hi Rob,
We’ll emphasize this problem to tell the dealers not to change the Network Address of CC-64 to an unusable one. Smiler
Thank you very much for your reply!


The first time we had the problem six weeks ago. The second CC64 with this problem is our demo unit.
After replacing the main print it was necessary to update the firmware. Since the update the IP address is
It's a little bit strange, or not?
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Hi Roger,

With the new firmware you can set the network settings to factory settings ( /
Press and hold bank 1 and bank 3 till you see the network settings. Then press control 1

Before the update the IP address was and after the update
Do you know from which version to which version you update the firmware?

Hi Roger,

we've tested it at the EDC and the IP address is at, but the subnet mask is at after update from v1.100 to v1.200.

In v.1.100 we didn't support modifying the subnet mask, which we do in v1.200.

So after update use the "network reset" on the CC-64 which will set the following:
IP address:
Subnet mask:

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Hi Sunny,

Unfortunately there is no way to reset the network address from this range in the field since the only communication with the CC-64 is via Ethernet. You will need to have the unit returned back to your local service center or return it directly to base-ops in the US to have the IP address re-programmed.

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Hi Sunny,

No, you would need additional hardware in order to re-program the CC-64, I don’t have it either so it would need to go back to base-ops.

You’re right we should block users from changing devices to an unusable network address in CSD. I have already logged the issue and we hope to include it in a future release.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards