How to set an "input selector" for PM8250N

Hi All!

I just prepared a setup for a system composed of 2 PM8250N amps, different zones and 4 input devices. After preparing the setup in ControlSpace Designer I imported the file to ControlSpace Remote Builder in order to design an app for the customer; he wants to control each zone (room) separately concerning volume and audio source.

Is there any (easy) possibilty to add an input selector like the DropList from which the user can pick one of the audio sources connected to the PM8250N? All explenations and examples in the manual refer to an ESP which is not part of my setup actually... Do I really have to do this by ParameterSets?! Really horrible for 5 input sources and 8 zones... ๐Ÿ˜ž

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Hi Arno!

Thanks a lot - even though your answer does not help me to save some work, but makes me a bit more clever anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Hi Arno!

I've never worked with this App Designer Tool before, so please excuse me to ask again...

I saved about 60 presets which affekt only the "cross points" of the Amp's matrix; 5 PSets for zone 1, 5 PSets for zone 2 etc. As my team already installed the devices in the location, I currently have no possibility to test my programmed stuff in advance, but if I click the orange PSet-button in the ControlSpace Designer, everything works as it should:

eg.: I click the orange button of PSet #3 which sets the cross point for Input3 to Output1, afterwards I choose PSet #6 which sets the cross point for Input1 to Output2 - the first cross point does not seem to be affected by choosing the second PSet...

Or does the behavior you discribed only refer to the App but not to the CSD software?

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Even on x-mas! Thanks a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚

Please find my CSD-Project attached. I also added a screenshot how the app is planned. Aim is to have such an overwiev for every single room/zone. The "source presets" for output CH 1-3 are done, yet (PSet1-15).

I can not finish the app in advance, because the client's IT guy did not sent the IP-addresses of the two PM amps, yet...