How to store music on a Lifestyle 650

Does the Lifestyle 650 have a hard drive to store CD music?  How can I transfer my Lifestyle 48 music to a new Lifestyle 650?  What format are the CD files?

Hi Reg1987


Its not possible to store music on the Lifestyle 650 however, I have my music stored on a USB, inserted into my TV, any external device with a capable music player connected to the console will work, file formats will depend on what your external device can read.

Examples are TV, Blue Ray player, games consoles.


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Is your music stored on a hard drive that has a USB connection?

Then from the Bose 650, you select TV for source?

My music is currently stored on a Lifestyle 48 from CDs.  Thinking of backing up the CDs so that in the future I could use them on a Lifestyle 650. What format should they be stored at?

Lots of questions.....thank you for your insights!


Hi Ron


Thats correct, I select tv as the source, my storage is just a USB pen drive, 38 GB but, a USB HDD will work exactly the same with the bonus of more storage space, for my TV, I have to format the drive to FAT-32.


As for music files, if space allows, I'd recommend converting CD files to Flac, for available space  on my USB stick, music is in Mp3 format @ 320 kbps.


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Do you have any capability to select music by genre? Or do you place each genre into individual folders? What about by author, etc?  The Lifestyle 38/48 provided this music selection capability.  Is it available somehow with the 650?



Does the 650 have a uMusic capability to thumbs up/down songs like the Lifestyle 28/38/48 had?

Hi Ron


Only your external device which you use for stored music will dictate how your files are organised, the Lifestyle 650 will only be used as the audio output.  My Tv as only two files, the wife's music,  and mine.

Then we come to the sound touch app, this enables you to access files stored on computer, NAS drive, Tunein radio, Spotify, Amazon music etc.

With Spotify, you can add music you like, to your main play list.

I tend to use the sound touch source more than stored music on usb via the TV, especially Spotify.  You get six preset channels stored on the console for either playlist or Internet radio so, you don't even have to open the soundtouch app once you've configured your presets in the app.

Not too  sure if your familiar with sound touch or even if your current cosnsole supports this, if not any community member or myself can help with any difficulties you may come across.



Not familiar with Soundtouch.  Guess I need a tutorial.  Apparently, it allows you to pre select which songs fit within which of the six categories.  Then you select a category and play that where ever the music is stored.  Am I correct?


Please click on link below, this will direct your self to the sound touch UK 🇬🇧  web site,   Your browser may direct to your country web page, if not from UK.


Hope this helps.