How to use the Bose Community

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There are several actions and features that you can take advantage of on our community! This post will go over in detail most of the various options you have.



Posts and replies

You must be a registered member to post or reply on the Bose Community. If you’re not registered, simply click ‘Sign In/Register’ in the upper right corner of the page.


Once registered you can post a new topic or reply to an existing one. To create a new one hit the ‘New Topic’ button on the right side of the page.

new user post 2.png

You’ll need to write a subject for your post, a message, and select your board. If you’re not sure what board to choose, you may want to check the home page to see which products are included under each board. It’s a good idea to check out the board ahead of time and use the search to make sure no one has posted a similar topic.


To post a reply, simply go to the thread and hit the ‘Reply’ button on the post you want to reply to.


new user post 3.png.jpg

By default, your post will appear at the bottom of the last page in the thread as the posts are sorted in chronological order, but you can reply to an older post. If you would like to tag a member in your post, simply type @ and then start to fill out their name. Once you choose a post and hit reply, you’ll be taken to a new page to type your response. You'll only see the post that you are replying to, not the entire thread, at the bottom of the page.


When posting a new topic, you can affix a predefined label to it. These will appear at the bottom of the first post as a clickable button and on the board itself on the right-hand column. Clicking into a label allows you to see any other topics that have also had this label applied.


You’ll notice when posting that you have formatting options for the body of your post. Most of these are standard and similar to other common word processors or forums. You have the option to insert links, emojis, and photos.

new user post 4.png

A community is built on conversation, so we encourage you to post positive replies and help other members. Make sure you have read the Community Guidelines and adhere to them!


Giving Likes

Likes are a fun way for you to show other members that their post was either helpful, well written, or just generally enjoyable. If you see a post you like, make sure to give it a thumbs up!


You can only like a post once and can see how many likes a post have received. Posters are alerted when you give a like to their post and you can see how many likes a person has received on their profile.


To give a like, simply click the thumbs up icon new user post 5.png at the bottom of a post.



I have this issue too

The Community is a great place for Bose owners to come and share solutions, but you might be running into the exact same issue as another member. Rather than post a reply, you can simply hit the 'i have this issue too' button on the top post of the thread.


i have this issue too.png


This let's us know exactly how many people are running into an issue, and you can see who else has indicated they're having it too. Don't forget to subscribe to the thread (found in the Topic Options section) so that you can see as other users post! 


Accepting Solutions

Community managers and the original poster on a thread can mark a reply as a solution. When this happens, the thread will show with a green bar, subject, and check mark on the board indicating that topic has a solution. Posters are alerted when you accept their post as a solution and you can see how many accepted solutions a person has received on their profile. This is a great way to let someone know that their suggestion worked for you and can help other community members as well!


To mark a solution, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of a reply and choose ‘Accept as solution’. You can also select ‘Accept as Solution’ at the bottom of a post. Remember, only the member who created the topic can do this.


Next to the ‘Reply’ button at the bottom of a post are the three dots and two lines that indicate Share. By clicking this you can instantly share a thread to a large number of different social media, messenger, email, and other services.

Bose Post Navigation

Below the first post of a thread and each Moderator profile in a thread is navigation that will allow you to click the first, previous, next, or last Bose moderator or admin response.

bose post 3.png

This should allow you to easily jump to any responses from Bose on a thread. If there are no responses from Bose, the navigation will not appear.


Also, when on a board, you can click on the Bose logo or the number next to it on a thread to jump to the first response by Bose.




Private Messages

Members are able to send Private Messages to other members who have private messages enabled. In you have any unread messages, the number will appear inside a red dot.
new user post 10.png
To view your messages, click the email icon at the top of the page under ‘Inbox’. You can send a message with ‘New Message’, or ‘Send Message’ on the member’s profile page. Just remember to adhere to the Community Guidelines even when interacting in private!



Next to the email icon at the top, you’ll find the Notifications bell. Clicking here will show you actions that have happened since you last logged in such as ranking up, badges you’ve earned, and even when people have mentioned you in a post, replied to your post, etc.
new user post 11.png


Profile and Settings-

In the very top right corner of any page on the community you will see your display name and a picture known as an avatar. Clicking on this will give you a drop-down menu with several options.

  1. My Profile- Next to the Notifications bell you’ll see your Avatar and username. Clicking on either will bring up a drop down where you can see your Profile, Settings, can sign out, and more. Clicking on your profile will bring up the About page, where you can see some of your stats and recent activities.
        Avatars- Your avatar is an image that represents you to the community. You are
        assigned a random one when you create your account but can update it by going to
        ‘My Settings -> Avatars’.
  2. My Settings- My Settings will bring you to where you can toggle options regarding your personal information, preferences, avatar, tagging, macros and subscriptions and notifications. Some settings have a handy ‘i’ icon that will explain more details if you hover over it.
  3. My Subscriptions- Subscriptions are threads that you get notified on when they are update and this is a quick way to get back to the page that allows you to manage your subscriptions. We’ll go over how to subscribe to a thread later.
  4. Help- Much like this post, the Help menu goes over the functionality of the forums in a handy FAQ format.
  5. Change Password- By validating your current password, you can change to a new one. This will affect your login across all Bose applications, such as Bose Music and
  6. Sign out- A quick way to log out of the forums.

Once you are in a board you’ll see all the topics that have been posted, along with some statistics on if a Bose moderator has replied, the number of replies, how many views a thread has, and more. Clicking on a topic will allow you to read the topic and any replies in full.

  • Floated Topics- A floated topic is one that a moderator has “pinned” to the top of a board for all users to see first. They are indicated by a yellow pin icon in the upper right of the post on the board. These topics often contain useful or timely information and are worth reading first!
  • Search by Labels- Clicking into a label allows you to see any other topics that have also had this label applied. 
  • Unanswered Topics- Want to help other community members out? This is a great place to start! This allows you to see topics that do not have a reply.
  • Top Solutions Authors- View the profiles of some of the most helpful members of the board you are viewing.


Board Options

Each board and topic have some options that you can select at the top under the search bar by clicking ‘Forum Options’. These quick options allow you to configure how the board and its topics will appear for you, along with some other handy functionalities, and won’t affect other members.

  • Mark as New/Read- Topics you haven’t clicked on are indicated by the subject being bold on the board, whereas ones you have read appear with regular text. You can mark all posts on a page as either New (unread) or Read.
  • Bookmark/Remove from My Bookmarks- Bookmarking a board or a post will make it accessible later in your settings under ‘Subscriptions & Notifications’ -> ‘My Bookmarks’. This is a quick way for you to return to a particular place on the forums.
  • Subscribe to RSS Feed- If you have an RSS reader, you can subscribe to a section of the community so that new content will appear in your reader.
  • Invite a Friend- Think someone you know might be interested in joining the Bose Community? Clicking this will allow you to send them a customized invite!
  • Sort by Topic Start date/Latest Post Date- The default sort to a board is by latest post date, but you can toggle between the two depending on your preference.
  • Edit my preferences- This quick shortcut will take you to your Preference Settings where you can toggle several different features.


Topic Options

Once you have clicked into a topic, you can also click ‘Forum Options’ in the upper left to configure the thread just as board options above.

  • Sort by Topics/Oldest to Newest/Newest to Oldest- With threads themselves you have some different ways to sort. The default is Oldest to Newest.
  • Subscribe- Subscribing to a thread is like bookmarking, except you will be notified of activity on the thread. By default, you are subscribed to any thread you post, but you can change this in your settings.


Post Options

Each individual post on a thread also has some options for it and actions you can take. You can find this drop-down menu by clicking on the three vertical dots in the upper right of the post frame.

  • Permalink- Selecting ‘permalink’ will update your url at the top of a page for whichever post you selected. This is a handy way to link to a post that might be in the middle or end of a particularly long thread.
  • Email to a Friend- When clicked into a thread, rather than invite your friend to join the community, you can invite them to see the topic with a link.
  • Report Inappropriate Content- If you see any content from a member that you find inappropriate or breaks the Community Guidelines or Bose Terms of Use, you can report it by clicking this. This will send an alert to the Bose Moderation staff who will determine if any action is necessary. Please read the Community Guidelines for more information as to what is inappropriate content for the forums and Bose’s stance on moderation.