I think I stumbled across the line level indicator on accident

So I noticed I had my line 1 volume all the way down and I was turning up the volume on my mixer which was hooked up to line one.  What I noticed was eventually line 1 started showing me a red flickering even though I didn't have the volume on line 1 up at all.  So my question is....is this red flickering indicator actually showing me the line-level going into the speaker since I'm showing a clipping indicator when I don't even have the volume up.

Hey Joe,

The signal indicator LED reacts to the incoming signal only, and is not affected by the channel volume level. If the incoming signal is too hot, the signal indicator LED will still show red regardless of the channel volume level.

We recommend setting the trim level on your system so that the LED is showing green, indicating a healthy signal without clipping. 

Hope this helps!