Is L1 model 1S with two B1 enough for the venue?


This is the first time we are holding a big public music event and planning to use a L1 model 1S. So far used for small gatherings 70 people in about 1000 sq feet hall and system worked very well.

The venue is a High-school gym about 6000 sq feet. Audience expected about 400. 

The music is folk dance music with at least 70% people dancing anytime. 

I purchased additional B1 to raise the loudness. But not sure if this system is enough for this event. Thanks for any inputs.



I've got the same identical system and ordered an additional B1 too for the same reason for a couple of larger rooms (no school gym) and so recently that it's in but I haven't picked it up yet. Bose told me that it wouldn't play louder with the 2nd B1 but that I would have more head room (whatever THAT means) and it would allow me to crank up the volume more.  I'm a singer with backup tracks with many different genres but maybe for folk music it would be OK, but I know 400 people, that big a room, I myself wouldn't try it...

I also sing with backup tracks and system works very well. I agree for a big venue and large audience it is not a right system.

Thanks for your inputs. very helpful and straight. Appreciate it a lot.






I'd say in a big barn like that with 400 dancers, no matter how many B1's, one L1 1S would not be enough.

Got any more equipment (or friends with equipment you can borrow)?

I was thinking of buying another L1 1S. Would that be OK?