Is there any B2 Base 15 foot cables available, where? Need to plug it into L1 1S Thank you

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Hello akastner,


The B2 Bass Module uses a 4-conductor cable with NL4FC Speakon connectors on both ends.  (The B1 Bass Module uses the same cable.)  While the standard cable that comes with the B1 and B2 is 5 feet, you can order longer cables from a number of online retailers, such as  Just a quick search found websites listing similar cables from Whirlwind, Benchmark, Canare, and Mogami, although some were special order.



PLEASE NOTE:  If ordering from the Audiopile web site page referenced above, there is an option for a "Add 10K resistor for Bose B2 to L1".  You do not need this option for an L1 Model 1S or L1 Model II.  It is only needed if using a B2 Bass Module with the L1 Model 1 or L1 Classic, in order to trigger the EQ curve.


Does that help?