Issue connecting Bose TV Speaker to Philips DesignLine Edge Smart LED TV



I have been unable to set up my "Bose TV Speaker" soundbar to my TV. I have connected the soundbar to the TV with the optical cable provided in the Bose soundbar box. I used the "digital audio out (optical) on the TV. I cannot seem to switch the TV sound from the TV speakers to the soundbar despite the fact that I have found the appropriate section in the TV setup menu. No matter what, the sound comes from the TV speakers and not the soundbar... Note that I have also tried with an HDMI cable (HDMI arc port on the TV) with no better luck.


Here is the TV reference:

Philips DesignLine Edge Smart LED TV

Reference:  42PDL7906H


The TV is also connected to a Canal satellite channel devise (French):


I have briefly attempted to connect the soundbar to the Canal devise, but it did not work (I did not try too hard this way, I am open to suggestions).


Please help.