Just got my 2 new Bose L1Pro16

Hi All,

Just got my 2 Brand new Bose L1 Pro16

I still have my 2 Bose L1 Compact with an additional Sub.

I have been waiting for Bose to update their Line array line up to compete with JBL etc.

Boy they sure did.

These speakers are more than what I hoped for. Bose came through again.

The sound is amazing. So clear and powerful.

I can hear things in my voice and my Keyboard that I did not hear before ... Wow

MP3s  sound amazing too.

Can't wait for things to open up and take them for a test drive.

I have no doubt that they will not disappoint.

The sub is actually lighter than I would expect.

They come with a carrying bag for the extensions which has room for cables. 

I ordered the slip covers which will be enough for me.

Currently they are set up in my studio and I enjoy the hell out of it.

Thank you Bose 👍👌😁

Installing the app and connecting via Bluetooth id a breeze.

I do have a question for Bose though:

I would like to be able to connect both speakers to my smartphone. Stereo would be great .

Similar to the Bose connect app.

Is there a way?

If not any plans for the future.

Thank you again.




Hey Eric,

Great to hear about your new 16's. 


I've got compacts, model 2's, model 1's, and s1's


Probably will sell all but the s1's. Just trying to decide what all to get for my wedding Dj business. I was thinking the 32's, but now am considering the 16's

As of now, there isn't a "linking" feature for stereo as in the S1.  As a workaround you use an external blue tooth receiver and route it's stereo output to the Pro16s, Left and Right

Hi Scott,

2 of the 16 are very powerful.

One is rated for medium to large venues.

2 are even more powerful.

It depends on how large your venues are and if you need one or two subs.

It is hard to say at this point, until I get to really try them, but I have a good feeling that they won't let me down.

I did a party at a big Auto museum for 200 people.

I used 2 Bose L1 compact with one 12 inch sub in addition.

Part DJ, part live music.

I had room to spare.

The 16's are so much more powerful...


Thank you Tommy,

I have been thinking about that too.

I called Bose yesterday and they told me that they are working on it.

There is an app for my to Bose Revolve called Bose Connect app, which links them either playing the same or in stereo.

Maybe they will come out with something like that. 😁


Thanks Eric. Great stuff. Very excited to get back to work!!!