Karaoke T4s and S1 Pro

I want to setup home Karaoke using Samsung TV. 

I got 
- Bose S1 Pro 
- Bose T4s. 
My wireless microphone is Fifine (Link below). 
Is it doable to to Karaoke using this? Do I need anything else? How should I set it up? I have apple TV and Samsung TV has audio output. I am ok upgrading microphone if needed, however, I prefer wireless microphone only. 
Thanking You
p.s. I am not professional and will appreciate basic guidance. 

Hi hima36,

Welcome to the forum! Thank you for your post.

The Fifine wireless microphone should be fine to use with the T4S. You'd just need to connect from the 1/4" output on the back of the Fifine receiver to one of the 1/4" inputs on the ToneMatch mixer.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much Dylan. I could connect microphone to T4S. Now How could I connect TV? I have TV connected to S1Pro, but if I understand correctly, as I am intending to use it at Karaoke, I need to change it: "TV output" to "T4S in" and later "T4S out" to "S1 pro in". TV has both audio output and digital audio output.  

Thank you so much

Hi hima36!

That's right. If your TV has an analogue audio output that is currently connected to the S1 Pro, connect this to one of the T4S inputs instead, then connect from the T4S master output to the S1 Pro.