Karma Karaoke Issues

I’ve been using karma karaoke for 5 years now. I loved how it automatically would save the play list in case there was a power outage. Although after the latest updates to the newest version karma will not save my singer list or play list anymore.
Is anyone else having this problem?


I don’t know if Karma is or was saving the lists periodically. It certainly doesn’t have the ability to detect or react to a power outage. You could maybe keep an eye on the karaosoft folder and see if it is saving the lists though.

Have used Karma for like 20 yrs, only problems I have ever had is dj music won’t always play to end of song and automatically go to next dj song, the other is like above, program usually saves singers songs but have had a few times it deletes all the lists, again after the last update not counting the one that is out today 4/29/24, which I am afraid to do because I just redid all my and my wifes songs again. Does anyone know where those songs are filed so I can copy the singers fiiles and reload again if necessary. Other than that Karma is great,