L-1 Compact

Hi. On a live guitar gig I put everything together and I couldn’t get much sound from my T-1 and L-1 Compact. I checked cords and reviewed my set-up and was still scratching my head when I noticed the speaker array on the extensions was about an 1/8" apart. Duh! I pushed them together all the way and everything was fine. Just a head’s up. My 2 L-1’s are heavier and I don’t think that would be a problem. Randy

Hi Randy
Don’t feel foolish ,because I will keep you company. I did exactly the same thing. I had two minutes before lift off and no sound. I traced back every connection, then I looked up at the speaker array. Duh



I did the same thing last Sunday night.

I wish there was a way to assemble the Compact without having to put the Speaker Array down somewhere.

I guess I’ll have to start assembling the extensions first, then pull the Speaker array out of the Power Stand and put it on the top of the extensions, then put the extensions in the Power Stand. That might work in a tall room.

Anyway - been there done that. Thanks to you and Bernie, I’m happy to know I’m not the only one.

Originally posted by ST:

I wish there was a way to assemble the Compact without having to put the Speaker Array down somewhere.

Hi ST,

I always assemble the extensions right out of the bag. Pull one out, attach to the other, pull the assembly out, pull out the array, insert extensions, attach array. Takedown is done in reverse.

I haven't played anywhere where the ceiling was too low.

Pulling the assembly out of the bag is the most dangerous, because it usually can't be done vertically. Watch out for heads and other breakable items.


re: Compact extensions assembly

I don’t have as much experience with the Compact as some of you, but I’ve been:

– taking out one extension, taking out the array, putting the extension in, and then:

a) putting the array on, if only using one extension.

– or –

b) putting the array on the extension still in the bag, then pulling both out and putting them on top of the first extension.

That, of course, only works if you put the extension in the bag “correctly” … which can happen naturally if you just reverse the steps when disassembling.