L1 Classic Failure - Maybe Power supply or fuse?



I've been using the L1 Classic for some time.  It remains in place, i.e. I do not move it around so the cabling should be fine.  I have a single bass unit on it. 


Last night we were practicing at a low volume.  (It's always at a low volume in fact.)  In the middle of playing, the volume went to zero and all lights went off.   Luckily I had my S1 Pro handy and we used that to continue practice.  It worked great!


Now, I'm looking for assistance in trouble shooting this.  It seems to me like a fuse or power supply issue since the on/off switch does nothing now.  No lights, no sound on the speaker, no nothing.  I understand that Bose no longer supports this unit so I could use some help.  

1. Is there any documentation available on opening up the base unit, checking fuses, etc.

2. Are schematics available for the unit?

3. Has anyone had this experience and fixed it?

4. Does anyone know where I could have it serviced if I can't track down the issue. (I'm in San Diego)

5. Will Bose tech support still help with this even though they don't service these units?


Thanks for any input.


- Dave

Hi dpekin,


There is a user serviceable fuse near the power switch. 


There are no consumer serviceable components inside.


Bose, to my knowledge, does not supply any service information outside of their own network, and you are correct, they no longer service the Classic.


That is not to say you can't find a local independent tech with sufficient knowledge to trouble shoot and possibly repair your unit.


Check and replace the fuse first.



thank you Oldghm.


That fuse looks like it pops out when it blows?  It says "push" but I have not been able to get it to pop out.  On another post I saw that the phantom mic voltage light illuminated even though the LEDs did not.  I checked that and indeed, I get a faint red blinking on the phantom voltage lights.  This would indicate that the fuse is not blown.  


It seems like the power supply is a problem child for this unit and is a common failure point.  I've seen a number of write ups on it.  Here's a write up on the fix.  (https://lensprojects.com/2016/08/25/bose-l1-repair/


It's really a disappointment that Bose doesn't support customers who spent a lot of money on this equipment, especially when the problem appears to be well known and common.  Giving some small percentage off on a complete new system doesn't make me feel much better.  It's like Ford saying sorry, we won't fix your carb but we'll give you a deal on a new car.  Huh?


Thanks again for the suggestion.  If anyone knows of a good repair shop in San Diego, please let me know.  


- Dave


Hi dpekin,


To remove the fuse you use a screwdriver to slightly depress and turn the fuse holder.


The other symptoms you mention do suggest you have an internal failure.


A quick read through at the site you linked to suggests there are techs scattered about with the knowledge to make repairs. I hope you can find one you can work with.



I fixed mine using the directions given by the lens project. I had to replace two diodes on the aux. power supply board. 

What is the "lens project"? Got a link?

The link is just four or five comments above. Just click on the blue highlight.