L1® Compact with output to Model I

New discussion for Jerry T.

You had to know a question about hooking up a Compact with an Model 1 was going to come up … last weekend I had an outdoor gig, under a tent and due to space problems, I had to set up the L1, B1 about 3 feet behind and 2 feet to the right. As it turned out, I had to crank the volume up to reach the whole audience. A week later, and I still have serious ringing in my ears. All the way home I was thinking of how I could have set the Compact behind me to serve as a monitor, and the Model 1 in the next available space, about 12 feet away- cranked i.e. line out from the Compact to a Model 1 line in. Is that a feasible solution?

Hi Jerry T.

Sorry to read about your ringing ears.

You can certainly do what you have suggested. There is a line-out of the L1® Compact that is suitable as an input source for the Model I.

For maximum benefit, you might want to put the Model I farther away.

You could do it the other way around too. That is, run as you normally would with the Model I and send a line out to the Compact much farther away.

How many channels are you using on your Model I now?