L1 Compact work with bass guitar

Neil-at-Bose posted:
Ok so it has been over a year since the release of the L1® Compact system and we continue to hear stories about the product being used from everything from military services to fitness classes. I thought it would be a good idea to create an area to capture some of the more unique uses for the system aside from musical performances.

So tell us; what types of creative uses have you found for the L1® Compact system?


How would the L1 Compact work with bass guitar, with or w/o vocal mic? I've got the Compact but haven't tried the bass through it.

Hi Funkifized,

I've run bass guitar directly to an L1 Compact. It was fine in a room for about 50 people in an acoustic oriented gig. 

Try it. Please tell us how it works for you.



How to connect my bass guitar to L1 B2? heres my gear:


Bose tonematch 8

bass guitar

fender rumble 100

Hi PLUS63,


For the best performance you would need to connect your B2 Bass Module to the L1 PowerStand via a SpeakOn Cable. Below are 2 methods I would recommend:


1) Run your Bass Guitar directly into the L1 - The L1 system will automatically pull the low end EQ and send it to the B2 for optimum bass response.

2) Run your Bass Guitar through a desired input on your ToneMatch T8S and then line out from the T8S to the L1 System - This setup will provide you with the ability to manually adjust the EQ and/or add effects via the ToneMatch Presets. This setup will also provide the benefit of being able to connect other instruments/Microphones to inputs on the T8S, that will simultaneously play through the L1 and B2.


Either of the above setups can be used with the addition of connecting your Fender Rumble 100 via the line out on the L1. This will provide you with another amplifier which could be located somewhere else on stage or perhaps used as a monitor.


I hope this helps!