L1 compact x 2

I am wondering whether to buy a second L1 compact. At the moment I have one which I use as a monitor. If I get a second, could I use the pair as my main out speakers and not need monitors? Also, would I send the signal from the desk into the XLR or the 1/4 inch inputs on the L1?

Hi Beckerson,

Thank you for joining the Forum. I’m glad you’re here.

I’ve seen bands use two Compacts as main speakers. I have used them this way, placing them behind the band. I’ve also see others place the Compacts behind and to the sides of the band.

How well this works depends on the type of music you are performing, the number of performers, the size and shape of the room, and the size of the audience.

You want to send the output from the desk into Compact Channel 2 - the ¼ inch jack Tip-Ring-Sleeve input.

Please tell us more about your music:

  • What kind(s) of music you play?
  • Where you do it (size, type of venue)?
  • Who is there (audience) - how many, what are they doing while you are performing?
  • Do you have a website?
  • If no website, could you post a picture of your ensemble?

Thank you.


Thank you. I play acoustic and electric guitars and I’m a singer. I write my own songs and play covers. I listen and am influenced by a range of music including Neil Young, Paul Simon, RHCP, Blur, Beatles …
I bought a second L1 compact today and am using the pair as my main speakers with a RCF M18 mixer.