L1 Mix app question

Bose product name Pro 8


Country Canada


Hi all,

The L1 Mix app works fine on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A for two Pro 8 speakers. Problem is, you can only call up one speaker at a time. Is there a way to display both speakers on the app in one window? So far, I load one speaker, adjust its settings, exit out of that speakers page, load the next speaker, and set it up.


It would be very handy to load both speaker adjustments in one window. Is that possible? Thanks.

I did a little digging on my own and in one of the Bose videos they talked about stereo pairing of the L1 Mix app in the future. I assume that means being able to see both speakers on one screen so that adjustments can be made to both speakers from the same window.


They need to get on that ASAP and stop thinking everyone buys a single Pro x and takes it, along with a guitar, to a local coffee shop and plays some nice songs. Some of us actually run bigger shows with two and three of these excellent beasts. With that attitude, they are shooting themselves in the foot, sales-wise 😊.