L1 Model 1s with B-2 Bass

Hi All, I wanted to share my experience with some Bose products.  Last summer I bought an S1 pro to use as a practice amp at home for voice and guitar.  I was so impressed with the sound quality, I then purchased two L1 Model 1s systems used.  I bot an a T8s new online.  I had ordered a Ketron SD90 last August that arrived in November.  So, because I was in a small room at home I set the SD90 up using the t8s and the S1 Pro.  It worked great.  I use base pedals and switches to control it, while I sing and play guitars, banjos and ukuleles.

Yesterday, I moved to my summer home which has a bigger space so I set up this time using one of the L1 Model 1s.  Wow, the sound is incredible.  The bass and drums sound absolutely real.  This is what I hoped it would sound like.  I also have a six piece jazz band that I use these sound systems for.

I have a pair of F1 812s with subs as well.  Unfortunatly, All the gigs have been postponed so I have not yet broken the big boys out!  

Going forward I plan to use one L1 system for small venues.  Two L1 systems for medium venues and both L1s along with the F1s for large venues.  Anything bigger than that always has pro sound.  I love that I no longer need floor monitors and I hear exactly what the audience hears. The upside of being shut in has been long hours of practice and experimenting.  Stay safe everyone.

Hi, Rob Wright.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. It sounds like you're doing well with the T8S and two L1 Model 1S systems. It's too bad you haven't had a chance to break out the F1 Model 812s with F1 Subwoofers.

Please make sure your T8S is up to date. See

T4S/T8S Firmware Update Instructions 


Thank you.