L1 Pro 32 and old B2



Can I use the old B2 with the new L1 Pro 32?




Hello Kjellarn,


The L1 Pro 32 cannot supply power to a B2, the way the Model II and Model 1S do.  Those systems have a 250W amp and crossover built into the base, and were designed to send an speaker-level signal to the unpowered B2 (or B1) via a 4-conductor Speakon cable.  The L1 Pro 32 base's amp only powers the tower sections and won't drive unpowered subs.


The L1 Pro 32 was designed to be used with a powered sub; preferably the Sub1 or Sub2 (which use a special cable that passes both electrical power and signal from the L1 Pro 32.)  The Pro series does include a line-out jack that can supply a full-range line-level signal for other systems.  To use a B2, you'd have to provide a crossover and an appropriately-sized power amp, but even then there's no telling whether it would sound good or not.


Does that help?

Thank you for your answer!


It was too much to hope for anyway. Thought maybe there would be some money left for other projects, but of course it wasn't. Well, the "old" L1 was state of the art prior to the L1 Pros, so I'll guess I'll keep the "old" L1/B2 and use it a little longer. (Never had any complaints about the sound anyway!)