L1 Pro 32 Skipping/Cutting Out/Dropping Out

Hi All, I was DJing a Christmas Party on Saturday, and my L1 Pro 32, keep skipping/cutting out/dropping out. I remember having the same problem with my L1 Model II as well. Anybody ever experience the same problem? And if so, did it end up being a "defect" with the speaker, or was it something else that was causing the issue, and if so, what? Thanks for your help! Scott



Hi scott1,

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Has this issue occurred again since? And which input sources were you using - i.e. was Bluetooth being used?

Thanks Dylan!


I haven't used since the issue occurred first. Have you ever heard of this happening before? And if so, what is the typical cause of it. I was using a external mixer.

Hey stitmus, 


This is an odd one for sure. Normally these issues are caused by interference when connected via Bluetooth. However, assuming you have the mixer connected via cable, this would usually indicate an issue with one of the source devices, e.g. the mixer being used. Have you tried with any other sources?

Hey Jeremy, Okay thanks. No I haven't tried with another mixer. But I will. 

Hi Scott,

The number one thing to check when this happens is cabling - assuming you hardwired everything together. The only similar anomaly I experienced like yours was with my Pro 8. I hadn't seated the tweeter array and spacer correctly. The sub played but the tweeters were dead. It was fine after I reseated those two items. Coming from the L1 Compact, the fit is different on the Pro 8 and bigger, series. 


I always check cabling if that happens. I also keep several spare cables in my road box, just in case. It makes for quick troubleshooting.