L1 Pro 8 with S1 Pro

I have been using my L1 pro 8 for more than a year now, I have a Yamaha PSR SX900 keyboard that has some great stereo sounds, however this is lost on the Pro8. My question is: has anyone hooked up an S1 Pro  with the Pro 8 to create a stereo sound field?  I have a stereo out from the keyboard so L1 Pro 8 to the left out and S1 pro (or any other powered speaker) to the right output.  Since covid I am playing much smaller venues to a mainly seated audience of no more than 60 people. Any advice please.



Hello pjtyros2,


Whilst this is definitely possible, I wouldn't personally recommend it. The S1 Pro and the L1 Pro8 have a totally different sound signature, and as such I feel that having them in the setup described would be quite disorientating.  

Thank you for your reply.  I thought this may be the problem, I will attempt to borrow or hire an S1 pro to see how it sounds.