L1 Pro Series. Bose are you listening?

Please make ALL of the eq attributes available for the onboard two mic/line inputs via the App.  Singer/ Guitarists that are using these systems for solo performances often have to stand right next to the speakers and get the volume over a loud club.  I used a venues new L1 Pro 32 on Saturday night.  It was not easy on the ears to stand close to the unit.  There was no tone match for my SEV7 microphone and there was no way to EQ the mic other than bass and treble.  Solo performers typically don't need 4 or 8 inputs via the additional mixer you sell that has all the EQ parameters available.  Why not give us all the tuning capabilities included in the base unit.  So many will never purchase the extra mixer.  Can this be a future App upgrade?  The whole point of giving up pole mounted speakers and mixers is this type of unit.  Playback music and karaoke isn't as critical, but when you're a singer, you need to be able to sweeten the EQ.  Please make this available without having to purchase the extra mixer

Bose? What ya think?  

Can a firmware upgrade be possible with additional EQ for the onboard two Mic/Line inputs?

Many Thanks!

Hi Whistlebritches and welcome to the Bose Pro-Portable Community!


That is a very interesting idea. I have marked this post as a feature request to be reviewed by the project management.


Thank you for the feedback!

David, Thank You for responding and forwarding this to project management.  I'd buy two of these units if I could access all the EQ features on the onboard two mic/line inputs.  I look forward to hearing back from Bose.  


Just keeping this in cue.  Would love to hear from management on this.