Lensabl poor response and false order processing and tracking information

I have plaed my new Bose Tenor frmae order on 26th August. And Lensabl was showing 5 business days to shipment from day one. Today 7th business day got completed but its still showing 3 business days go shipment from last friday. It is very confusing and i am also not getting any response for approx date when i reached out to support team by email.


I am really not happy with Lensabl online tracking and transparent input for order tracking. We buy prescription glasses through Lensabl just because Bose has selected them as authorized Bose frame priscription glasses/lenses provider. So Bose should make sure Lensabl is keeping customer happy and provide transparent and real online order tracking information.



Thank you for reaching out to the community. I am very sorry to hear that you are having issues in tracking your order. 


Regrettably, via this platform we are unable to look into the status of your order as the community is a place for troubleshooting. You can reach out to Lensabl HERE. 



I am having the same challenges.  Lensabl has had my frames for 7 weeks and I cannot get a clear answer on the status and when they will be returned.  Wish I had seen these posts prior to sending them.  I hope this is not reflective of the qualify if I ever get my glasses back.


Bose Customer Service:  What is being done about this?  I am using Lensabl per your recommendation and assumed they were a trusted certified partner.  This does not reflect well on Bose.  Please advise.

I ordered via Lensabl over a month ago, order still shows 6 days until done.  Through their customer service email, received multiple reasons (1) cannot get frames from Bose 2) had production problem with lenses, etc.  After 3 weeks, multiple delays - I requested to cancel order.  They won't refund full price - only portion for frames.  Now my only option is to keep waiting, because I'm not allowing them to keep my money.  Tracking has never changed from 6 more business days.  This company is not trustworthy, it is unfortunate Bose selected Lensabl to handle lens production.  I will notify the credit card company that both Bose and Lensabl are not fulfilling orders.  Ridiculous.