Lifestyle 650 bass module not working

My bass module wont work. I have tried the reset process multiple times. When I plug the power back in the LED flashes amber then white and then red. Has anyone come across this and been able to fix it?


Bass module for Lifestyle 650



I have exactly the same issue with my Lifestyle 650. Started the TV this evening and no bass. This is the second time I've had issues with the sub not working, first time they replaced my subwoofer but now the Bose Store in Perth where I bought it has closed down 

Subwoofer packing in appears to be a common problem, came across this

Hello and , thank you for reaching out. 

Sorry to hear about your bass module having issues operating correctly. We do not recommend repairing any product yourself and as such we advise that you contact your local support team for further service assistance.

@Atowsey, as you mentioned you are in Australia, you can find your local contact information here.

@Sitt should you need any services, you can find your local contact information here.

I hope this helps!

To be honest, no it doesn't help!

This is the second time that my subwoofer has stopped working, the first time the shop where I purchased the LS650 from replaced it but now they have closed down.

For me to ship the subwoofer at my expense to your service centre and most probably have to pay for the repair doesn't make any sense when I can have a go at the repair myself for a few cents for the diode.

If the repair doesn't work then I'm happy to bin the LF650 as it was not worth the money, then only to have it fail twice with the same fault! 

This is the last time that I buy Bose for sure!

Hi, my system is suffering from the same issue, it seems to be a very common problem related to age of the system, normally out of warranty fortunately for Bose. When I spoke to my service centre in NZ they knew exactly what this problem was and they said they actually keep spare boards in stock as it is so common. What I really want to know is if Bose have fixed the issue on new boards, so that we don't have another time bomb sitting in our base units, so we have to repeat the whole process again in 3 years.


The investment in a LS650 is huge and this is the second major failure I have suffered, the last one took a year to resolve and was eventually traced back to a faulty power brick, that was replaced with exactly the same part again.


Given that Soundtouch has been discontinued and after a firmware update last night I seem to have lost all TuneIn radio functionality is this the beginning of the end and rather than throwing more money at the system is now the time to look at a system from another manufacturer, which is a shame, as I have LS650, 2 x ST10, Wave Radio and a new Music 500, plus numerous pairs of noise cancelling headphones.