Lifestyle 650 - Front L/R Speakers - wireless? are they compatible with OmniJewel Floor stands?

hi everyone,


I'm currently looking to set up my Lifestyle 650 system.


Quick questions


1) do the front left and right speakers need to be hard-wired to the main console or can I use a similar set up to the rear wireless speakers? I guess I would need to order the wireless adapters but wondering if the front L/R are meant to be hard wired or they can be made wireless (with the necessary equipment) similar to the rear set up


2) Are the OmniJewel Floor Stands compatible with the front left and right speakers or only with the table stands? Basically if the answer to 1 is they can be wireless, I will grab the wireless adapters floor stands

No, only the rears are wireless, fronts are hard wired.


Yes they fit any of the omni-jewel brackets (floor, table, ceiling) as well as the slide connect wall bracket.

thank you so much