Lifestyle 650

Is it ok to leave my Lifestyle 650 powered up all the time?


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Probably, but I wouldn't.  Why waste the electricity?  Use the CEC feature and have it come on automatically when you turn on your TV.

there is where my problem is. When coupling the Bose with an xfinity x1 an Apple TV then sending to my OLED TV. There’s a lot of switching going on and the Bose is inconsistent in how it manages. So it takes quite a while to deliver signal from cable to tv or sometimes will not switch from cable to Apple TV without tricking it by going to SoundTouch then to appletv. I know there’s a ton of setup and complication in all this but I’ve been doing this for a year now and things change with everyone’s updates.

I have a Bose Soundtouch 300 and am not experienced with the issues you are having.  My preference is to plug all devices into my TV and then send sound only to my Bose using HDMI ARC.  I avoid device switching with the Bose since it is so flaky.