Limiter settings RMS215


I´m a little confused about the limiter settings for RMS215. In the speaker eq the settings is 45V RMS in “Mono(LO-Z)” and the same settings 45V RMS in “V Bridge ( LO-Z)”. The spec is 500W RMS, and 2000W Peak, for each driver .
When I calculate on this it have to be 50V RMS in “Mono” (300W), and 65V in “V Bridge” (500W), or am I thinking wrong?



Hi Anders,

This is an error in the Speakers.xml that will be corrected shortly.
Correct values should be 126V peak and 63V RMS for RMS215
Please create a custom EQ w/ the new values.

Best regards,


Thanks, I will do that.


I’m running CSD 3.125 (b5) and Speaker EQ v0.015 and it appears the issue remains. When will this be corrected?

Hi Tony,

That’s a ‘beta’ you are running, the issue was fixed with the official v3.1 release back in early June.

You can get the current version from here or from

We recommend that any projects installed with a ‘beta’ version are upgraded to the official release now it’s available.

Best regards