Lock CC-16 or CC-64 with parameter sets

It would be great/imperative to be able delete all unwanted changes in a CC when recalling a parameter set. Leaving only lock/unlock. Without affecting the other values or labels in the CC.

Hi Pascal,

Are you aware that you can just store the lock property status of a CC64 or a CC16 in a parameter set, without having to drag the whole device in?

From the Project Directory Window select the Devices Tab. Expand the particular CC64 or CC16 and Click on Property. You will now see either “True” or “False” beside the Lock Property, depending on whether the Controller is currently locked or un-locked, (obviously set it the required way first).

Then simply left click on Lock and drag it down into the Parameter Set that you are using.

This will then change the Lock status of the Controller without affecting anything else on that Controller.

I used to use this technique all the time before dynamic re-assignment came along.


I didin’t know that.

thank you

Thanks, David.

I didnt know this either. I assumed that all of the other dynamic progamming would change as well.

I just tried his my self, and you’re right!

I’ve attached a test file. I’ve put notes in the Project Information sindow on the file.

Hi Pascal and John,

I’m glad that I could share something new and useful with you.

And don’t forget that we can also deselect the lock status of a CC64 or CC16 from the parameter set nodes list.

That way a parameter set that dynamically re-assigns the same controller won’t automatically override the lock/unlock parameter sets, unless you want it to.

I guess if this is new to you guys it will not be well known by others either. I hope you don’t mind but I have summarised this thread into a single post in the ‘Ideas, Hints and Tips’ section so more people may benefit from the knowledge.

Great stuff - thanks guys

Best regards