Looking to go full Bose! What is the best option for my DJ business?

So I am new here, sorry if this has been covered just drop me a link and I'll read that instead. 


Here is some info about me and my needs;

  • I am a wedding DJ, I don't do clubs as the pay is trash where I live. 
  • I use a dj controller and have an extra mixer for multiple mics or in the event I have to work with a musician. I also have an amp but that' because I currently use passive speakers.
  • I typically do crowds that on average are around 150 people, I have done a few 300 but it's rare however I want to be able to cover those gigs competently. I can't count how many times I've done gigs with less than 100 people. 
  • I do inside and outside events. The music requested is of a wide variety, Country and Spanish music make up 30% or more of the events but as always hip/hop is always useful on the dancefloor at one point or another. I also include ceremony for all of my gigs and very few don't use me during this time.
  • My budget is not huge and I would like to keep it as low as possible without sacrificing quality. 


From everything I have read I want to say buying 2 of the L1M2s w/ bass is the best way to go for the reception and buying 1 compact for ceremony/backup/other site changes would be the absolute best way to go but I am wondering if this is overkill for my typical size events? Should I just get one  L1M2 plus compact or instead get two of the L1M1s plus compact?

Either way I feel like I need the compact for ceremony/site changes but if I'm going two L1M1s would be a smarter or a more budget friendly idea instead of 3 (two L1M1s Compact)  full PAs?

Going stereo or mono isn't a huge concern for me but I personally think the dual setup looks better than 1 speaker even if it's more to setup and just in my head.


So I am here to ask ultimately given everything I have shared with you, what should I do? 


Thank you in advance for your help! 


In my opinion, the new pro 32 is fantastic for weddings. 
I used the l1m2’s for years and loved them. The pro 32’s with a sub1 or sub2 are definitely a step up. 

in my opinion, 1 pro32 can easily do a wedding for 150 people. 
I have 2 so I have a back up and in case I do a larger wedding. 

for ceremonies and cocktail hours in separate areas, the s1pros work perfectly for this. 

You could also consider 2 pro16s for weddings as well. 

1st off thank you so much for your reply! 


So looking at my budget and typical sized events I think 2 pro16's (plus a compact or s1pro (i'll have to look into that one)) might be my best bet. If I could spring for 2 pro32s I would but I was thinking if I went with an older model maybe I could save some money but it's not looking like a huge difference so might as well go newer unless the L1M2's are better than the pro16's. Main reason I like this move is it gives me a solid backup and a nice look, I feel like 2 speakers looks better than 1.


Would 2 pro16's cover a party better than 2 box 150 watt 15's? I have a sub but rarely use it as it is giant and typically overkill. I know quality will go up for sure (it better for the price) but would I be missing some bass but gaining much clarity or will it improve all around? Most venues I work in can hold max 500 people, I rarely do crowds over 300 (which if I had 200 of the 300 on the dancefloor that would be amazing as it is a wedding) would these 2 pro16s do well?


My goal as a wedding DJ is to hit 60% of the crowd with good sound as it doesn't have to be the hardest hitting system for 100% of the room as it is very unlikely you'll get everyone on the dancefloor, people leave early, people are too old, people at the bar or photo booth and so on. So I'd say 150 people on the dancefloor is about max for most events, hell a lot of venues wouldn't be able to fit that many people on their dancefloor if they had enough people will to dance. 


Last point/comment and sorry for the rant. I want to be able to market myself as an all Bose DJ as that name is very marketable, people know it as quality sound, so as a selling point I would compare my setup to the others in the industry. Going for a clean professional look with a high end sound. 

2 pro16’s will do fairly large wedding with no problem. 

the advantage you’ll get with the 32’s are they will throw farther, but for a dance floor at a wedding, I doubt you’ll notice much difference. 

For DJ ing I would definitely go with the Sub2 if you go the Pro32 route.