Love the F1 Speakers


I'm new to the forum, but just wanted to express my appreciation of the design and product build of the Bose F1 speakers. I also have a question about purchasing another.  I'm the worship pastor at a 500 seat fan-shaped building and we were previously running a mono mix with a pair of EAW speakers in the centre of the building.  When we decided to move to an LCR mix, we bought a pair of JBL EONS for the left and right sides to supplement. While the stereo mix was greatly improved in the room, there was definitely a huge improvement, especially in vocals, when we replaced the JBL's with a pair of F1s. Everything just came alive. Vocals are perfectly placed on top of instrumentation for worship and the spoken word is incredible.  My question is this.  The EAW's are 17 years old and starting to show fatigue. We're considering replacing them with a single F1 in the center, but if we do there would be pressure to paint the F1  to match the ceiling. Does Bose have a recommended painting process, (without liability of course) or does anyone in the Forum have experience to recommend a white paint process? I've put a sample of the current setup below. Thanks in advance for any responses....


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Hi Don,

Thank you for joining our Bose Portable PA Community. It's to hear you are enjoying your F1 Model 812s.

I don't have a recommendation for paint, but you might consider getting or making white spandex speaker covers. Spandex should not affect the acoustic properties of the F1 Model 812s. The nice thing - the change is reversible.

I can't recommend a specific product, but there are several suppliers if you do a search for spandex speaker covers.


Great suggestion and sounds practical.  Thanks for the advice...