LS 650 wrong Picture and a suggestion for future LS 650 support

All Systems have the newest Updates install.


I am from Germany


Hello, I have a picture problem and a suggestion for the LF 650.




When I open the Soundtouch app (Samsung A71 / Samsung Tab S5e), (Sony Z5 / Z4 Tablet) all Android operating systems, I have a wrong picture in the app! Is it possible to change this with a future app update?






Since the LS 650 has been on the market for some time, I am very satisfied, I wanted to ask whether it is possible to develop a kind of base for the LS 650 with further functions (sound / configuration / connection options) as with the Bose Wave music system. I have attached a few pictures (the wrong picture in the app and a base from the wave soundsystem)





Thank you in advance and stay healthy greetings from Germany







The wrong Picture in the Sound Touch App ( App have the newest Update)


WAVE Music Base on Picture. Also possible as an extension for the LF 650?




Hey Lipmar, 


Thanks for reaching out to us! 


I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying your LS650. I'm sorry to hear that the image is displaying wrong. I would recommend removing the LS650 from the application and then re-adding it to see if this rights itself. 


Regarding the bass, can you explain why you would want to add the bass? The bass from the Wave systems has the same functionality as the LS650. 


I look forward to hearing from you! 

Hello, thanks for the answer.


I'll have the text translated from German to English, sorry if that sometimes comes across as a little strange.


So I've already tried a new registration. What other possibilities are there?



Regarding the question of the socket, for example eArc support with the current Dolby support. What I would find great would be a CD drive for music or audio books that could be played on Compact Disc or Mp3Cd. I have a lot of music CDs that I can't play in the living room where the Lifestyle 650 is.


The video game console that I have PS4 Pro and later ps5 doesn't play compact disc.



Greetings Philipp

Hi Phillip,


Thanks for trying that and letting us know how it went! As removing and re-adding the system did not correct the picture, I would recommend logging out of the SoundTouch app, then back in next. 


I'd also recommend rebooting the console by following these steps:

  1. Keep the TV and control console on
  2. On the control console, press and hold Source and Power for five seconds. The TV and the console will turn off
  3. Release the buttons. The white LED on the console should turn off; If it didn't, perform the step above again
  4. An amber LED will blink once. After this occurs press Power to turn on the system. The LED will flash amber then white while the system turns on and reboots
  5. Wait 10 seconds after the LED stays solid white before retesting the system


If you want to be able to play CDs through the Lifestyle, then you could connect a CD player to one of the analog inputs on the back of the control console. We have a guide that will show you how you can do this HERE under the audio-only device section. Any CD player with an AUX output, or headphones connection would be able to connect to the console. 


I'll still pass on your idea to the development team for having an official attachment for CDs. I wouldn't be able to say whether this is something that could be made for the 650 or not, but I'll make sure they know this is something you would be interested in. As you mentioned also wanting an attachment to add other functions to the 650, what sort of things were you thinking of?

I have now made a reset as it was in your instructions.


I signed up and signed out of the Soundtouch app.


Unfortunately the wrong picture can still be seen.


Maybe the picture can be exchanged with one of the next updates of the app?

Maybe someone else also has a problem with the wrong picture in the app and can say how he could change it? Is there any other way to change that somehow?




To my suggestion with the extension a CD drive, Earc support. A USB port to connect music from USB sticks or hard drives. 


That would be a great added value to upgrade the LS650 without having to buy a new surround system



Greetings Philipp

Hello Again,




I also asked the question on reddit whether others also have the wrong picture in the app. Yes, others have this problem too.



My father also downloaded the Soundtouch app on his iPhone, the wrong picture is shown there too (see photo).




It would be great if you could do that when updating the software of the app or the software update of the Lifestyle 600/650.



It would be great if you could forward this to the appropriate department in the company.



Greetings Philipp 

Hey Jiffersonz, 


Thank you for your post! 


I'm sorry to hear that this is an issue with your application. 


Have you tried any troubleshooting? 


Could you supply a screenshot? 


I look forward to hearing from you! 

Hello Jiffersonz and Jessi_O



The same Problem with the App picture have i posted last year in the Bose Community.


This is the link



The problem is still there










The app is showing a bad image because of god only knows why, it's a minor issue, but conversly if it's minor why not cut in a fix? I mean it's bad enough these don't work with Bose music app and its stuck with EOL soundtouch app.

Thanks for coming back to us Philipp. 


I can confirm that the team is aware of this issue and is working on it. 


I do not have a turnaround time for this but will notify the Community when we have some additional information. 


Thank you for your patience.

Really working on it? It's been 2 years! LOL- It's an image, can't be that hard to fix. Do you have one person managing the software. I see why people enjoy Sonos more.

Finaly with the Soundtouch App Update 27.0.0 the wrong picture is renewed to the correct  picture 



The corrected picture



Hi all,


The recent SoundTouch app update (iOS App version 27.0.1 & Android App version 27.0.0) will resolve this issue, and reflect the correct product. Thanks for your comments and feedback!

So glad that after 2 years we could fix a minor issue. LOL What a joke!