Manage Tempo settings

I have my Bose account i tried to add my Tempo Frames to my Bose app but had to download Bose Music. Set up and connected the Tempos to my Samsung Galaxy A40. However there seems to be no way to access any settings and my Tempos dont show up as one of my Bose bits of kit. In fact i have three different bose headphones the only ones i see are buds in My Bose app. I dont know what i am not doing to access the various settings and updates. Thank you 



Hey Flyinghussar,


Thank you for taking the time to post - I hope you're enjoying your Tempo Frames so far!


It seems that you're having difficulty finding the product since you've added it to your Bose Music app, is that correct? If so, I'd recommend you look through the advised steps HERE, to ensure you have all permissions set correctly and settings adjusted accordingly. Once you've tried all of these steps, report back and let us know if you notice any improvement!

Thank you for the reply Sam i did eventually manage to add the Frames but unfortunately even after that they constantly connect and disconnect. That voice in the ears over and over again was driving me nuts.

After discussing with Customer Service they are being replaced. I have 2 other Bose products which are fine these were not. I followed every instruction firmware reinstalling the app. Just hopeless but Bose has it covered.