Mapping in Professional Installed

I have an issue mapping the direct reverb sounds in my model. Modeler (Plus 6.7) sets the scale 80 dB (red) to <71 dB (purple) over the map area in this model. The problem is that my room is really damped thus makes the direct sound much stronger than the reverbrant, leaving most of my map area totaly purple. Is there any way to manually change the scale and gain some resolution even below 71 dB?

Hi Algulin,

you have two options:

  • Set the map to 2dB resolution (right-click in the Model View).
  • Use ‘Offset SPL’ in the Simulation Tab, where you can scale the whole map by up to /- 20dB.

Hope this helps.



Yes the offset-SPL function was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!