Meter display with esp-88


Hope you're all doing well.

Just implented the Vu Meter displays in my remote app to test this.

But it displays only empty meters in the app.
100% sure that is should display something because it has the same channel as my Vu meters in the CD designer.

Also no reaction on my iphone and Andoir tablet

Do we need to program something else to make it work or does this fonction not work in the (old) ESP-88/00 models ?

OK but I dont want to share it public, I'll send it in a PM


Hello Avecom,

Thank you for contacting us.

I've just did some testing on ESP88/00 metering and I can reproduce this issue.
It looks like CSR is not sending the correct Slot number.
I will investigate this further next week.

In the meantime, can you share your design file, so I can to find a work around?



Yes please send it in a PM.


Hello Avecom,

It turns out that metering is not supported for ESP88 and ESP00.
The fact that you can see the meter in CSR for the ESP88 (not for the ESP00) is a fault in CSR which we will fix. 
We will update the release notes accordingly.

Sorry for the inconveniences.