Missing bracket from my T1?

Just got my new T1 today … when I opened it up, the manual says that there’s supposed to be a mounting bracket inside the cover lid of the T1.

All I have is a latch – no bracket, inside the lid.

What gives? The package was brand-new - still had a seal on the box.

Here’s what the manual says:

Mounting options
The optional microphone stand mounting bracket allows you to mount the T1 on the shaft of most microphone stands. See “Mounting the T1 on a microphone stand (optional)” on page 9.
Mounting the T1 on a Cylindrical Radiator® loudspeaker
Use the carriage and mounting bar included in the carton to mount the T1 on the Cylindrical Radiator® loudspeaker. The mounting bar is stored inside the T1 cover (Figure 6). Open the latch and lift the mounting bar from the case.

Hi troubador,

Here’s what should have been in the box.

If you are missing anything please call Bose and they’ll get you what you need.

Call Bose L1 support at 1-877-335-2673 (U.S. and Canada only)
Monday-Friday: 8:30 AM - 9:00 PM ET
Saturday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET

Thanks, ST.

Appreciate your taking the time to respond.

The bracket I was referring to is covered in the manual - page 7. I’m going to try attaching an image of the page …


The mounting bar shown, is packed in the T1 box. The illustration is to inform you of storage space, after unpacking, so it is not misplaced during transport.

The bar should be in a bubble wrap in the bottom of the T1 box under the cardboard tray / divider. If the bar is not in the box, follow ST’s instructions above

The “optional” mic stand mount comes with an additional mounting bar, those items are not included in the T1 box.


Ahhh … thank you, kindly, Oldghm, for pointing that out.

Must clear cobwebs from mind to increase my understanding of manuals!! Big Grin

New Year greetings to all!

You are most welcome troubador. Since we have found the “missing” bar, let me now hijack this thread for a short story.

I have a college professor friend who’s job includes certifying new school teachers. A few years back she relayed this story about a certification visit to a fourth or fifth grade class.

The teacher had a hot plate, skillet, utensils, plate, eggs, and seasonings. She instructed the class to take out pencil and paper and write down what she did, and then she proceeded to fry and serve an egg to the professor.

When the egg was fried and the students had time to complete their “instructions”, the teacher collected the papers, shuffled them good and had my friend read the papers while she (the teacher) “followed” the instructions.

It doesn’t take much of an imagination to see the humor when the professor reads, “Break the egg on the counter.”, or “put the egg on the plate” when no instruction had been included to turn on the hotplate, or place the skillet on the burner. It was my understanding the hilarity continued through several papers without an egg ever being successfully fried and served.

After hearing this story I felt that I had been taught a lesson in communication as well as the students had.

With this in mind I am somewhat forgiving of incomplete, misleading, confusing, and sometimes completely wrong directions.

I hope you enjoy your new T1. It is a great tool for communication and that is what a troubador is all about.


I doff my hat to you, Oldghm … you are a gentleman and a scholar!!

Best wishes for 2012 …

I bought a used T1 and it didn't come with the bracket for mounting it to the cylindrical radiator.  I just called Bose and the rep said the part is no longer available.  Any ideas where I might get one?

Thanks in advance.