Modeler 6.10 - keystroke PAN & ROTATE

Hello, on the previous version modeler 6.9 (dongle), i could use the keyboard, press D to Rotate & Spacebar to Pan, with V6.10 i cant use this keyboard command anymore, do i need to do some setting to call out the keystroke command?

Hi Berd,

You probably have "Direct" function unactive: try to mark it in "Accelerator keys" window ("ctr E").

Best regards,


You can either select "Direct" in application preferences (Ctrl E) or you can use the CTRL F shortcut to turn it on and off (you have to turn it off if to type anything in the "description" cells in the Loudspeaker aiming window)

Hi Marcin & Bruce, thank you for the prompt reply. I got it running now.